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1.______ we need to complete the construction is two million dollars.

A. All what

B. That all

C. That

D. What

2. ______ all our kindness to help her, Sara refused to listen.

A. At

B. In

C. For

D. On

3. _______ all the difficulties, she finished the project by herself.

A. As for

B. In spite

C. Besides

D. Despite

4. _______ as it was at such a time, his work attracted much attention.

A. Being published

B. Published

C. Publishing

D. To be published

5. _______ before we depart the day after tomorrow, we should have a wonderful dinner party.

A. Had they arrived

B. Would they arrive

C. Were they arriving

D. Were they to arrive

6. ______ book is interesting to her although reading is her hobby. She likes reading literature, not politics or economics.

A. None of

B. No

C. Not every

D. All

7. _______classic music, which follows formal European tradition, jazz is a spontaneous and free form.

A. In contrast to

B. In connection with

C. In comparison with

D. In regard to

8. _______ conflict among city-states caused the eventual decline of Greek civilization.

A. Continuous

B. Continual

C. Constant

D. Contrary

9. _______ conventional black ink costs newspaper about thirty cents, most rub-resistant inks add at least ten cents more to the bill.

A. While

B. Furthermore

C. Meanwhile

D. Moreover

10. _______ for this suggestion.

A. There is something to be said

B. There has something to be said

C. It is something to be said

D. It has something to be said

11.It is obvious that this new rule is applicable to everyone without _____.

A. exception

B. exclusion

C. modification

D. substitution

12.Last night he saw two dark _____ enter the building, and then there was the explosion.

A. features

B. figures

C. sketches

D. images

13.Faced with rapid inflation and _____ international and home markets, many firms have declared bankrupt.

A. lessening

B. shortening

C. shrinking

D. withdrawing

14.We'd better eliminate junk foods from our kitchen and keep a variety of high-quality foods _____ at all times.

A. available

B. desirable

C. enormous

D. numerous

15.The purpose of your resume is to _____ enough interest in you to have an employer contact you for an interview.

A. assemble

B. generate

C. yield

D. gather


1. D【句意】完成整个建设需要二百万元

【解析】在这里what引导一个主语从句,what既起引导作用,又在从句中作谓语动词need的宾语,如:What I want to know is why energy, unlike matter, is not made up of molecules and atoms. 我想要知道的是,为什么能量不像物质那样是由分子和原子组成的。因此D是正确选择。尽管that也可引导主语从句,但不能在主语从句中做成分,所以B和 C错误。关系代词what不能用来引导定语从问,所以A也不正确。

2. C【句意】尽管我们想要帮助她,Sara却拒绝了。

【解析】for在这里意为“虽然,尽管”,相当于 in spite of, notwithstanding,如:For all his efforts, he didn't succeed.虽然他尽了力,但还是没有成功。at,in 和on则没有这种意义和用法。

3. D【句意】尽管存在很多困难,她还是自己完成了这项工作。

【解析】despite意为“尽管,不顾”,如: He came to the meeting despite his serious illness. 他尽管病得很厉害,还是来参加了会议。in spite要和of连用,意思与 despite相同,如上句可改为: He came to the meeting in spite of his serious illness. as for意为“至于……,就……而言”,如:As for this kind of rare metal, it will be further studied.至于这种稀有金属,要做进一步的研究。besides意为“除……之外”,如。Besides English he can speak French and German.除了英语他还会说法语和德语。由此可见只有D为正确答案。

4. B【句意】尽管在这个时间出版,他的作品还是受到了关注。

【解析】本题考查的是as引导的让步状语从句。动词publish动作的对象是从句的主语,所以需要用过去分词与was构成被动语态,如:Thoroughly cleaned as it was, the room didn't look tidy. 房间虽然给彻底打扫了,但看起来并不整洁。选项A是现在分词的被动式,表示该动作正在进行或与谓语动词表示的动作同时发生,如;Being earnestly invited to dinner, she couldn't very well refuse. 有人热情邀请她参加宴会,她不好意思拒绝。选项C是现在分词的主动形式,选项D是动词不定式,而不定式做状话一般表示动作的目的,一般是将要发生的动作。由此可见,只有B是正确答案,而A,C和D旨不正确。

5. D【句意】在后天我们走之前他们可以赶过来的,我们会举行一次晚宴。

【解析】本句是一个虚拟条件句,主句的谓语用的是“should + 动词原形”,表示与现在事实相反或与将来事实可能相反。根据句子结构可以看出,从句部分是倒装句,省略了连接词if,由于句子中的时间状语是the day after tomorrow,所以从句动词应该用与将来事实可能相反的虚拟语气,即“should(were to)+ 动词原形”,如:Were they to act like that again, we should criticize them severely.要是他们再那样做,我们就要严厉地批评他们。由此可见,D是正确答案。

6. C【句意】并不是所有的书她都感兴趣,尽管阅读是她的乐趣。她喜欢读文学类的书,而不是政经类的书。

【解析】all,both,every,always,often,entirely,wholly,altogether等词的否定形式一般表示部分否定,如:All is not gold that glitters. 发光的未必全是金子。又如:Every force does not always produce movement.力并非总产生运动。

7. A【句意】和古典音乐追随欧洲传统相反,爵士乐是一种自然和自由的表达方式。

【解析】in contrast to意为“同……相对照或相对比,与……相反”,比较的是两者之间的差异,如:In contrast to the China of pre-liberation days, China of today is strong and powerful. 与解放前的中国相对比,今日的中国强大而有力。 in connection with意为“与……有关系,关于”,如:In connection with your request of March 18th, we are sorry to tell you your goods can not be shipped right now.关于你 3月 18日信中提出)的要来,我们很抱歉你的货物不能马上装船。in comparison with意为“和……比较起来”,既可以比较相同点也可以比较不同点,如:The tallest buildings in London are small in comparison with those of New York.伦敦最高的楼房同纽约的比起来仍然很低。 in regard to做“关于”讲,如:In regard to the other matter, we have not yet discussed it fully. 关于其他事情,我们还没有充分讨论。

8. B【句意】城邦之间不断的冲突导致了希腊文明最终的衰落。

【解析】continual意为“经常不断的,常常的(中间可能有间隔)”,如:Continual smoking is bad to one's health.经常抽烟有害身体健康。continuous 指连续不断而且绝对不中断,如: The continuous work made me completely exhausted. 不间断的工作使我筋疲力尽。constant可用来指习惯性的重复,如:Constant practice will make you overcome difficulties.经常训练会使你克服困难。contrary作“相反的”讲,如: Any contrary policy is absolutely wrong. 任何相反的政策都是绝对错误的。

9. A【句意】用传统的墨水印刷大约需要三十美分,而防摩擦的墨水至少要贵十美分。

【解析】furthermore(此外,而且),meanwhile(同时)和moreover(再者,此外)均是副词,都不能引导从句。只有while是连词,意为“虽然”,含有让步之意,可以引导从句,如:While I admit that the problems are difficult, I don't agree that they cannot be solved. 虽然我承认这些问题很难,但我不认为它们不能解决。

10. A【句意】对这条建议,大家有些话要说。

【解析】“There is something (nothing, little, plenty) to be said for …”是一个句型,意为“……有一定(没有,几乎没有,很有)道理”,如:There is something to be said for both sides of the issue. 看起来争论的双方都有一定道理。


Without exception为固定搭配,表示“毫无例外,无一例外”。Exclusion表示“排除,排外”;modification的意思是“更改,修正”;substitution表示“替代”。




考查近义动词的语义辨析。各选项的意思及用法分别是:选项Alessening减少,减轻,侧重指程度、重要性等的减轻。如:The defeat lessened our chances of winning the championship. 此次失败使我们夺冠的希望变得更加渺茫。lessen the burden of减轻负担;选项Bshortening缩短,变短,如The days are beginning to shorten.天开始变短了。shorten the gap between缩小……之间的差距;选项Cshrinking使收缩,缩小,减少,侧重指尺寸、大小等的变小。如:The number of students attending the lecture has shrunk.听讲座的学生人数减少了。Will this soap shrink woolen clothes?这种肥皂会使羊毛衣服缩水吗?选项D withdrawing收回,撤退,撤销,如:After awhile, he withdrew his proposal.过了一会儿,他撤回了他的提议。根据题意可判断出选项C应为正确答案。全句意思是“面对通货膨胀和日益缩小的国际国内市场,许多公司都已宜布破产”。


考查形容词语义环境。四个选项的意思分别是:选项Aavailable现成可使用的,在手边的,可利用的;选项Bdesirable称心如意的,值得有的,如I envy Jane because her job is so desirable.我很羡慕简,因为她有一份很称心的工作。选项Cenormous巨大的,极大的,庞大的;选项Dnumerous许多的,很多的,如:This is a conclusion he has drawn from numerous facts.这是他从很多事实当中得出的结论。根据题干可判断出选项A应为正确答案。全句的意思为“我们应清除厨房里的垃圾食品,而使各种高质量的食物随手可及”。


考查动词的语义辨析。各选项的意思分别是:选项Aassemble意为“集合,聚集,召集;装配”,如:The whole school assembled in the main hall.全校学生在大礼堂集合。Before you assemble the model plane, read the instructions.在你组装模型飞机前,先读说明书。选项Bgenerate意为“生成,产生光、热、电等;引起兴趣等”,如:News of the Queen's visit is generating a lot of excitement.女皇来访的消息使大家感到非常兴奋。选项Cyield意为“生产,产生利润、回报等;投降,屈服”,如:His business yields big profits.他的生意利润丰厚。选项Dgather意为“聚集,集合;收集,采集”,如:Many people gathered in the town square.很多人聚集在市政广场。该题需注意选项B和选项C在搭配上的区别。根据题意,选项B应为正确答案。全句意思为是“简历就是要充分引起雇主对你的兴趣,并达到进一步联系面试的目的”。

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